Bear is the 15th card in the standard Lenormand 36-card deck.

Bear Keywords: Influence, leadership, power, dominance; Leader, teacher, boss, coach, parental figure; Competence, strength of character, physical strength; Moody, saturnine, short-tempered; Protective, assertive, possessive; Ownership; Stepparent; Practical Knowledge, man of the world, life experience.

Bear card may imply Influence, leadership, power, dominance; Leader, teacher, boss, coach, parental figure

Strength, power, influence—these are the keynotes of the card Bear. The power and influence may manifest themselves in both good and bad ways. The bear may represent someone in a leadership role (teacher, parent, chief/manager, etc.) who is powerful, has enough life experience to stand out as an authority figure and who truly cares for his wards. Or, it may indicate a domineering, bullying or assertive person (such as a malevolent stepparent) who is influencing the seeker in a negative manner by preventing him from realizing his potentials.

In a tarot Love reading, the Bear may suggest that your partner has too strong a hold over you; or he/she is exerting too much influence on you and that this is harmful for your wellbeing and for the relationship in general. In a different context, it may also mean the inference of a overbearing family member that may prove harmful to the future of your relationship.

Similarly, in a Lenormand cartomancy Career reading, the bear may imply a bossy superior at the workplace. However, depending on the card combinations, we may get the meaning/interpretation that even if a person may seem overbearing at times, his intentions are good and that it will be to your advantage if you stick with him.

For instance, a coach or trainer with a reputation of being a hard taskmaster may appear too demanding to an athlete. However, the trainer is making you work hard for your own good and it will be in your best interest to stay obedient.

If the bear appears as the chief card in a tableau, you need to put one of the following questions to yourself (depending on your present circumstances): How can I break free of harmful influences? Who can provide proper guidance to me? What are my principal strengths and how may I turn them to my advantage?

Paired-Card Examples

Bear-Rider: Need to take preventive measures against outside influence; need to seek a new teacher/coach; possibility of major change in one’s life course; bad news with a major impact; conflict between your own firm beliefs and others’ opinions.

Bear-Coffin: An enormous shock, loss of someone that will greatly impact your life; loss of power, influence; awareness that your guidance is no longer required (children breaking free of their parents); need to suppress your domineering attitude; loss of a leader or authority figure.

Bear-Snake: Manipulative teacher/parents; an overbearing hunger for power and knowledge, overpowering ambition; pursuing a goal with gusto but also with recklessness.