Just like the Tarot, Lenormand cards can be intimidating if you are reading for the first time. It becomes even more challenging to puzzle out how the 36 cards join to make a grand tableau. The Lenormand Birds card, an emblem of conversations, is an important part of the deck that many people seek to understand. It is the 7 of Diamonds, an indicator of dialogues, arguments, and annoyances. Imagine birds chattering and flitting on trees. They have restless energy- a kind of excitement that doesn’t seem to end. This is a depiction of verbal communication, speech, meeting, social networking, phone calls, small talks, and gossips in real-time.

It is very rare to come across a bird in solitary. So, the Birds card can represent couples or activities that involve a group of people. This includes phone calls gatherings, and job interviews. Normally, birds chitchat back and forth. They chirrup beautifully as if they are sending morning messages. Other times, the chitter-chatter seems like a heated argument. Another meaning of the Birds card is distraction or inability to focus. A group of sparrows can be very chaotic, with each member trying to do something different. This means there is no specific structure of focus. They can also suggest that you have an issue concentrating or you have ADHD.

Bird card can suggest issues with concentrating and focusing

Key Hints for Interpreting Lenormand Birds Card Meaning

When reading a Birds card, know that it is a manifestation of the activities going on in your life. Perhaps you are employing a lot of energy in your current responsibilities. Check the surrounding cards to understand the type of communication that will be most effective. Think about how to make your time and effort more productive. If there is a pressing need, consider how to communicate the situation properly. Maybe you need to win people over so they can side with you. Look into both the strengths and weaknesses of the scenario. If you have been focusing on idle gossiping too much, it is time to shift to the truth.

Birds Card Combinations

If you are reading the grand tableau and are struggling to grasp the meaning, a few examples of Birds card combinations may help. While social media was not there during the invention of Lenormand, today it is a sure thing and a bird is used to represent it (the Twitter logo). This is the cartomancy for social media relationships or online communication. It should be noted that gossips can be harmless and fun. Yet they can destroy relationships. If the Birds card shows up in the reading, there are significant prompts to keep in mind. When it comes to love, Birds can indicate lovebirds or meeting a new online partner. The Rider represents cordial talk or someone who will deliver information. Clover is the quick, charming dialogue while House signifies a household talk. The Ship may translate to foreign language and Tree insinuates health-related communication.