In Tarot reading, the Lenormand Clover card is a lucky card. However, in the same way that clover withers over time, so does the card — meaning that it only indicates short term luck when dealt from the deck. Notwithstanding, just like clovers make us optimistic and hopeful, this card encourages us to be positive, because a welcome surprise is on the horizon.

Moreover, because the card is one of good fortune, it is logical for its’ meaning to extend to gambling and risk taking in cartomancy. To obtain the things you desire, you will have to gamble – even if the odds are stacked against you. Everyone needs a bit of luck sometimes, and the Clover pasteboard prompts us to consider how our risk taking endeavors will end up. However, just like discovering a four leaf clover is nice and unexpected, so too are all the outcomes represented by the card. This pasteboard indicates that, although everything will work out fine, events might not go precisely as intended.

In addition, this card injects a sense of comedy and lightheartedness to a tableau reading. Given the constantly evolving and fleeting nature of life, it reminds us not to be too serious, regardless of our predicament. Having our mortality pointed out to us can persuade us to chill out, although it might make some people less responsible. You will need to consult the cards in the rest of the deck to gauge this accurately.

Clover card may stand for short lived joy in life

When a Lenormand reader deals a Clover, it normally signifies a stroke of serendipity. It is linked to opportunities that don’t come along everyday, although nothing overly significant. The Clover pasteboard represents the simple joys of life – which don’t usually last long and are gone before you know it. For this reason, the Clover also reflects something that has to be acted on fast, to gain an advantage from. You only have a limited time period to benefit from this opportunity!

If a relationship with someone you love is going through a difficult patch, the Clover is a good omen. In these situations, the window of time is four weeks maximum, although regrettably, this joy will only last temporarily. Presently, if you are experiencing issues in a relationship, you should expect a brief spell of good fortune lasting between one and four weeks. However, if this does not apply to you, there could be other outcomes. When it comes to lust, the card might mean that a new partner will enter your life soon, albeit fleetingly. This could involve some harmless flirting, a workplace fling, or a holiday romance. When deciphering the meaning of this card, you can rest assured that, in most cases, all will end well.