Garden is the 20th card in the standard Lenormand 36-card deck.

Garden Keywords: Public place, public affairs, public events, publicity, public spaces, public opinions, public/social media; Society, societal demands; Culture, cultural events, popular culture, mass culture, but also counterculture and subcultures; Announcement, disclosure, publishing, expression of views, coming out in the open; Image-cultivation, reputation, fame, exhibitionism; Teamwork, social networks, networking.

In Lenormand cartomancy, the card Garden represents, after the manner of a park, a public space, a place for public gathering where people can come together and express their views, opinions, etc. This includes physical spaces as well as other public media such as internet, television, radio.

city scape and network connection concept Image

In broader terms, the card comes to represent society and culture in general, so ideology, prevailing cultural trends, social norms—all of these come into its purview. So, if you draw the card in a Grand Tableau for example, the neighboring cards will play a major role in the meaning or interpretation of the card’s appearance.

In a Career reading, the card may indicate that you need to put more effort on networking so to widen your circle of contacts and connections. Again, depending on the context, it may mean that you need to put more emphasis on teamwork. Both the above interpretations may apply as well to a tarot Business reading.

In a Love reading, on the other hand, the garden could be indicative of the fact that you are being too conscious about the image of yourself that you present to your partner or you are putting too much stress on how your actions will be viewed by your partner.

Of course, as is true of all Lenormand cartomancy reading, the position of the seeker and the neighboring cards will eventually determine the interpretation of a particular card. If the reading applies the ‘Cross’ method and if Garden appears to be the Wrong Way (the 3rd card), then it may mean that you are being too self-conscious and is wasting too much of your positive energy in the act of image-cultivation.

On the other hand, if the card shows up as the Right Way (the 2nd card) or as the Destination (the 4th card), then it could mean that you need to be more pro-active regarding your social role; need to be more self-assertive; and voice your opinions and not hold back; and so on.