The New Moon on January 26 welcomes Aquarius, the Water-Bearer. The two luminaries form a conjunction in this sign. The keyword for Aquarius is humanism. It’s about making life better for people – and that means everyone – not just those we care about or identify with.

Aquarius is an Air Sign, meaning it’s all about ideas and intellectual pursuits instead of grounded Taurus, who devotes energy to producing tangible results, stability and security. In mythology, Aquarius is Ganymede, cupbearer to Zeus and his lovers. He was also highly handsome, so many astrologers see Ganymede as a symbol of the idealized self.

The New Moon in Aquarius is about cutting away whatever holds you back from your highest potential and your most extraordinary life. It’s also about engaging with other people to solve problems that affect everyone, not just oneself or one’s tribe…. This New Moon has the impulse to bust out of old structures and push us into the unknown, where we can build our future on fresh air. If you’re up for something new, this is a great time to take action.

It’s vital to remember that everyone wants happiness, regardless of how they get it. This means treating people who think differently than you do with respect, even if you disagree with them. That means honoring the wisdom in all traditions, not just your own….

Aquarius is also about group efforts and coming together for a cause or purpose. Aquarians tend to be very open-minded, but a rebellious streak can lead to flashy protests or dramatic actions. Radical changes are not just possible but likely, which is why this New Moon brings an opportunity to reinvent ourselves….

If you’ve been considering a career change to something like teaching or nursing, now is a great time to start. Aquarius also rules politics and humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief. Aquarian energy fires us up and prepares us for the next chapter of our lives….

You’ll be pleased to celebrate National Peanut Brittle Day on January 26 if you enjoy the crunch of salty roasted nuts encased in a buttery firm sugar shell and split into many pieces. This iconic sweet is a timeless delicacy great for any occasion, filled with peanuts, almonds, or pecans.

Why You Should Enjoy The January 26 Anyway

  • On January 26, India celebrates its Republic Day, marked by a parade and a salute to the Indian armed services. Since the Indian Constitution was finalized on this date, special celebrations are required, as India would not be the magnificent country it is now without it. Here’s why this day is noteworthy and what you can do to honor it.
  • National Spouses Day is here! This is the only international festival, aside from Valentine’s Day, that allows couples to indulge each other, take time out of their hectic schedules, and focus on their love. It’s an opportunity to honor your spouse and show them how much you value them. Let’s face it, and married couples occasionally need reminders to get off the hamster wheel of daily life. The 26th of January, on the other hand, is the antidote to all couples’ difficulties. Even though the day is called National Spouses Day and appears to be just for married couples, it is now associated with many persons who are not married. What could be better than having your partner respect you? So, let us rejoice on this special day.
  • Evolution Fresh, a health food and beverage company, developed National Green Juice Day to encourage individuals who have created a New Year’s resolution to stay or grow healthy to maintain it. The firm recommends green juices to enhance excellent health. Green juices are made from pressed vegetables and fruits and are healthier alternatives to other meals. Evolution Fresh and HelloFresh will start delivering fresh green juices to customers’ homes on January 26.
  • 1-2-3 Lotus, The 26th of January, is a national holiday in the United States. The release of the most OK spreadsheet application to ever grace the market is commemorated today. Lotus software revolutionized the personal computer sector, revolutionizing the way people computed, well, everything.
  • On January 26, Australia Day is a g’day, friend, to celebrate all about the Land Down Under. We join the 26,000,000 Australians in celebrating the anniversary of the country’s founding in 1788. Australia is often regarded as a desirable country to live and vacation in. The world’s coldest, driest, and the flattest inhabited continent has enough to see and enjoy. So keep reading for a fascinating history lesson and some fantastic ideas for celebrating Australia Day!

What Your Zodiac Prepared For You For January 26

Capricorn –  On January 26, you may be involved in running after money, wealth, and all that comes with it. But make sure not to get entangled in deeper issues like loans, bills, or taxes. Your fight is powerful enough to get deeper into debt without meaning to. Two other areas of your life are getting better this month, like your physical well-being and less expensive housing or living expenses. You will feel more grounded during this period because you realize how blessed you are to have essentials in life. It might hit home when missing someone special who isn’t there for some reason. Be grateful for the people who still show up every day. This could bring back focus on work since you want to use your energy to get things done. The month ends on an incredibly high note because you’re receiving compliments, praise, and rewards for what you have accomplished.

Aquarius –  Your mind is racing with different thoughts on January 26, including finances, it seems like. You are thinking of ways to make more or use money in a better way. It’s also possible that someone near you has been dealing with financial issues lately, which would explain why you are also thinking about this. On the bright side, there is another area of your life where progress is taking place, like friendships or social activities related to those people closest to you now. This might be an excellent time to focus more on fun and great times together instead of all work-related matters. If you are single, the first half of the month could be focused on building new relationships or friendships with other people. It might not be severe, but it makes life more interesting anyway. The second half of this month is even better since opportunities for romance are coming your way, thanks to people who have your back somehow.

Pisces – You have a lot going on during January 26, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and all kinds of other drama related to work matters mainly. Your mind is running wild with thoughts about upcoming events, responsibilities, and demands made on you by someone else right now. This situation may become stressful because there isn’t much time left until things pile up quickly. Try to acquire a clear picture of what’s going on in your surroundings to develop a solution that benefits everyone. If some extra cash is available, it might help to alleviate some of the pressure being put on you since money tends to solve problems sometimes. The first half of this month is still packed with challenges, but they are not as powerful as others coming up, so don’t give up just yet. In the second half of January 26, an area of life related to self-improvement or bettering yourself somehow improves significantly. This could even be about your career, which is most likely directly linked to inner happiness and joy.

Aries – A new desire surfaces on January 26 that continue into February and beyond regarding health, diet, or exercise. You could have been hitting the gym for a while now, so this is simply a continuation of that great path you’ve been on lately. The first half of January 26 might be filled with many other responsibilities and issues, so it’s best to tackle the important stuff first. The second half of the month is more successful in this area with opportunities to meet new people or make plans with someone you enjoy spending time with, for instance. In other words, don’t feel guilty about going to bed early because sleep helps us stay sharp mentally during periods like this one especially. Romance is also high on your mind during these days, but it’s not easy to meet new people, which makes this whole situation more frustrating than anything else usually. You could host friends at home instead without any problems since that seems better anyway, if possible. If you are single, take a closer look at friendships and see any potential love hiding there.

Taurus – Your mind wanders during January 26, which can sometimes be distracting since something else takes your attention away from work and life responsibilities. You may even daydream about another era like past lives or spiritual things instead of what needs to get done today, maybe. It’s possible that a relationship takes up a lot of your mental energy too because we all need love in our lives but remember to take care of all other matters as well, such as work and other vital areas that add stability and reliability too. You could feel restless on January 26, and the more you try to stop thinking about something or someone, the more it takes over your mind. You might not be aware of this, but some people around you become irritated by this behavior and immediately stop it. Try to stay focused on reality and not escape from what is going on with romantic dreams. In the second half of January 26, all kinds of opportunities come your way that has been missing for quite some time now. If you want or need change, focus on that issue or challenge until something new materializes into existence instead.

Gemini – It’s time to get serious about so many things during January 26, especially work-related ones, since there isn’t much room left for drifting away from responsibilities. This is a great time to take on even more work, but you need to make sure that the stress isn’t too high since the first half of January 26 could be particularly stressful in this regard. You may not want to face specific problems or issues either, making things all the more difficult for everyone involved. Try to stand your ground during these days for once, and if someone keeps pushing you around, don’t hesitate to do something about it physically because that almost always works. Things change dramatically when it comes to romance these days, but it’s tempting to get distracted by new love. Still, make sure you take care of your responsibilities before anything else.

Cancer – You are incredibly busy during January 26, which is great news if that’s what you want but needs more attention if it isn’t currently the case. You may feel rushed or stressed, too, since there are still plenty of other tasks left incomplete behind the scenes, including some work-related ones. People may find it challenging to grasp why you aren’t operating at full potential because this picture appears wrong. This doesn’t mean that taking a day or two off makes sense, though, because time heals all wounds in the end, so stay focused on completing things one step at a time. The first half of January 26 is challenging for work-related matters, but the second half of January 26 is much more rewarding since plenty of opportunities come your way. You may feel quite creative during this time, which is beautiful if you can channel these feelings in a positive direction. It’s unlikely that you will get anything done around the house, though, so take care of any chores sooner rather than later so your family or roommates won’t complain too loudly.

Virgo – Don’t expect things to go smoothly during January 26, and don’t be surprised if certain people push your buttons without even realizing what they’re doing either. This can lead to confrontations and physical altercations since no one knows how to control their emotions properly right now. If you are the one who loses it, then that’s not good news either, although things won’t be quite as bad if you leave or get away from certain people instead of responding impulsively to their words and actions. Work-related matters could be particularly challenging, too, since there is a lot of pressure coming your way during this time which makes it hard to focus on getting everything done correctly. You may even feel overworked at times which is never fun, so try to prioritize what truly matters in life before taking care of other matters later. The first half of January 26 brings plenty of opportunities related to work, but the second half offers more promising results when it comes to personal goals, creativity, and romance.

Libra – It’s essential to be aware of specific issues during January 26, especially regarding prospects, long-term plans, or more personal matters. You are likely already feeling these problems creeping up on you, but January 26 is the day when they become more noticeable, making it harder for you to avoid noticing them. It’s essential to remain positive, though, especially since you have enough time ahead of you to plan accordingly and figure out what needs to be done to deal with these problems or situations properly. The first half of January 26 brings plenty of challenges related to work-related matters, so focus on getting things done one step at a time instead of trying to tackle too many things at once. Be careful how you manage your emotions, too, because your temper could get the best of you and make things worse rather than better during this time.

Scorpio – It’s the little things that matter most during January 26 and, more specifically, how people deal with them. No two reactions are precisely the same, but it’s likely certain people will lose their temper at some point or another, which is not good news for those who become their victims. It may be tough to keep your emotions in check for various reasons, but if you want to avoid significant problems with your profession, long-term goals, or romance, try to retain as much emotional stability as possible. The first half of January 26 brings plenty of opportunities related to work. Still, the second half is all about finding inner strength, getting through emotional challenges, and taking a step back to evaluate your life as a whole.

Sagittarius – January 26 brings plenty of opportunities related to work. Still, you may suddenly feel stuck or unable to move forward at specific points, especially during the first half of the day. This is likely due to personal battles that need to be fought before anything else can be done correctly, which can make it difficult for others to understand what’s going on with you right now if someone asks you about your mood or asks what’s wrong, reply by telling them nothing and asking them not to worry about it even if they insist since this will keep things simple and free from any unnecessary drama, which would only make things more complicated than they have to be.