The Llewellyn Tarot card reading is a method of telling/predicting the future of someone that is based on Celtic mythology & Welsh culture. It can also be seen with the Judgment, The Devil, or the High Priestess cards that represent boldly in these two cultures. The images used in the desk are slight to utterly different from the painting made by Pamela Colman in the last century. The minors used in the desk images closely resemble the Waite-Smith deck (RWS) concept, with very few differences in scenic portrayal. Anna-Marie Ferguson had painted all the Llewellyn Tarot Cards with watercolors. Yellow and blue were the primary colors of focus while painting, giving a luscious depth to its details and a dreamy representation. They are very straightforward, not too blunt, not too soft.

Anna-Marie Ferguson had painted all the Llewellyn Tarot Cards with watercolors.

Llewellyn Tarot Card Reading would not be successful for all kinds of people, but the symbolism is very straightforward. Each card is available in both black and white cards with detailed descriptions and keywords. The Llewellyn Tarot gives life to the ancient myths and is ideal for giving readings. It also explains the mythology behind the minor and its significance.

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The best time of the Tarot Card reading is that time when you feel the true sense of calm, energy, and freshness. Despite the feeling of these factors, early morning is generally the most suitable time of the day when you feel great power to perform tarot reading. Whenever you decide to perform your reading, maybe in the evening, you can be tired with lingering thoughts built up though out all day. Definitely, when you have the highest level of energy during the day, that time will be most suitable for you.

The Arcana Set of Cards

The Tarot deck includes a set of 78 cards, each with its own symbolism. These 78 cards are divided into two categories. These two categories have 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Major Arcana set of cards include only one unnumbered card, and the rest of the 21 cards are numbered. The unnumbered card is called the “Fool” card. These cards are more complex and have significant importance that influences the outcome of the reading. On the other hand, there are 56 Minor Arcana cards that are related to everyday situations. These represent feelings, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.

Apart from understanding the cards, it is crucial to know how to use these cards; the process of reading the card goes like this;

Step 1: Initially, it is required to ask the deck a question. The question should be obvious and open. The idea here is to proceed with the reading to illuminate the forward path. There the reader must ask a broader question like, “What do I need to know about…?” or “How can I understand…?” or “How can I move past…? etc.”

Step 2: After finishing asking the question, it is time to shuffle the cards; there are various ways to do that. Try to cut the card deck into two or several piles and combining them again into one. You can also sweep the down-facing card with your hands in circles and the tapping them together.

Step 3: Now, an essential step, that is pulling your card. It can be done in multiple ways. You can hold the deck into one hand and tilting the part of the deck to reveal the gap, and pulling the top card. You can also fan the card like poker cards and choose one.

Step 4: When you choose a card, lay it face down in your spread. Then, turn its side up to gaze at the wordings, symbols and paying attention to what comes to your mind. After that, it reaches the interpretation of the card you pulled.

There are some basic tarot cards for beginners. One of the basic card spread is a “three-card spread.” It is used for centering yourself in chaotic experiences. These three cards indicated different symbolism. Card one represents surrender to change in your life. Card two offers the path forward for caring for yourself during this process, and card three indicates centering yourself in the midst of the current change.

Start small with a 3-card tarot spread

Another tarot spread that is best for beginners is a “Five-Card Spread.” It represents illumination and clarity. The first card shows the current happening of situation. The second card shows its ease. The third card represents the lesson in it. Forth card indicates what is leaving in the present moment. Finally, the fifth card show what is coming in the current situation.

If you just started, it is recommended to use either a 3-card tarot spread or a 5-card tarot spread. They are very suitable in various tarot reading situations.