The Lenormand Rider card indicates forthcoming activity and energy. Frequently, the pasteboard portrays a horse ridden by a young man, to reflect youthful passion and zeal. It is located on top of the deck, so its’ meaning in cartomancy tends to relate to future events. Pretty soon, something new will enter your life — be it a person or message. The Rider commonly appears when the querent has felt ‘stuck in a rut’, or been delayed in some way. The depiction of a rider and horse in motion serves to counteract this. It indicates that there will be no more hold ups, and that it is time for action.

In Tarot, the Rider card has an uplifting vibe overall, however it might signify that – whatever fate has in store for you in the near future – is of a temporary nature. As the deck’s first card, it is linked to the number one: one month, one day or January. It is a dynamic pasteboard that suggests events will occur soon. Regard this as a brief chance to improve your life, providing you act swiftly. Be sure to prepare properly and concentrate your efforts to get the best result.

The Rider is a card for winners. If you are wondering how you are likely to fair in a contest, this card together with another positive Lenormand card – like the Sun or Clover – is a good omen. In a career tableau reading, the Rider might represent a job in a sports role, or work with horses. Generally speaking, it means that you will learn about a new career opportunity while at work. Occasionally, the Rider might signify that there will be healthy competition for this opportunity.

Business success – Celebrating business man overlooking the city center high-rises.

In love readings, the Rider could represent an athletic girlfriend/boyfriend, a new partner, or news for somebody you are romantically involved with – now or in future. Sometimes, this pasteboard might represent a potential love interest, particularly when it appears along with the Man or Heart cards. In a health reading, the pasteboard traditionally relates to the knees, legs, joints and feet. It could suggest that you are about to receive some news about your health, or that you need to take more exercise.

In business readings, the Rider might signify that opportunities will be presented to you, or that you will receive information about your business. For instance, when this card appears with the Moon, you might become privy to details about the reputation of your business. Finally, when changes occur, the new state of affairs is alien to us initially. For this reason, in many cases, the Rider is interpreted as someone or something unfamiliar – as a novelty or stranger, which has entered somebody’s life.