The scythe card is one of the most meaningful, and perhaps most feared cards, in the deck. If you’re taking part in a Lenormand cartomancy, it’s important to understand the meaning of this card, and the more you understand, the more fulfilling and relevant the experience can be.

A Lenormand reading differs from a Tarot reading in several ways. One of the most noticeable differences is that a traditional Tarot deck consists of 78 cards organized into what are known as Arcana, while a Lenormand deck has 36 cards, and the meaning is just as important, as the card can be used to predict the future. Lenormand cards are designed to be read in pairs, unlike Tarot cards, and using all 36 cards in a reading is the most popular method, known as a Grand Tableau.

A scythe is used for cutting of course, and that’s perhaps the easiest way to remember what the scythe card means. In a reading it represents the cutting out or ending of something, often in an abrupt or unexpected way. A range of keywords are associated with the scythe card too, including warning, cuts, ending and danger. Although the card indicates that something sudden is about to happen, it isn’t necessarily something unpleasant or dangerous. However, whatever happens or whatever decision you make will generally be permanent.

Scythe card may indicate an abrupt end of something

If your focus is on relationships during a reading, the Lenormand scythe card generally indicates the end of a relationship. In terms of a career, the card may well represent losing your job, although it can also signify losing hours or status at work, or turning down the offer of a job. Surgery may be indicated if you are having a health reading, and the card can also indicate health problems with the mouth, teeth or gums. The number 10 is also associated with this particular card in a tableau reading; it might indicate the 10th month of the year, or a period of time such as 10 weeks or 10 days.

The scythe card is also paired with other cards in a Lenormand reading, and each of the pairings has a different and often specific meaning. When paired with a house, the card can indicate a sudden house sale; when paired with stars, it can suggest taking another direction or making a positive decision. An important financial decision or change can be indicated by the fish and scythe pairing, while the clouds card along with the scythe card can mean poor judgment or an outcome that isn’t certain.

Whether you take cartomancy seriously or regard Tarot cards as harmless fun, understanding the card meanings can add insight and clarity to any reading and ultimately provide a more satisfying experience.