Whenever we think about growth, what typically comes to mind are our professional and personal accomplishments. We may give some thought to our physical health and well-being but often neglect our spiritual growth and on the path of being our higher self. However, it’s just as important – if not more so – to nurture our inner selves as we do the other aspects of our lives. This means making time for soul-searching and reflection and connecting with like-minded people who can support us on our journey. By doing this, we can gradually evolve into our higher selves.

Do you ever feel like you could be doing more with your life? You know that there is something better for you, but don’t know what it is? You’re not alone. Many people feel that way, and the good news is, there’s a way to find out what it is. Please pay more attention to your intuition and let it lead the way.

Your intuition is your spiritual guidance system, and it’s always trying to get your attention. The key is learning how to listen to it. Once you start following your intuition, you’ll be able to start living a life that’s more in line with who you indeed are – your higher self. And that’s when the real fun begins.

How To Grow Spiritually

I believe that everyone is on a path of growth spiritually and being higher self. Some veer off this path, but they will hopefully come back to it sometime or another. We all have the gift to tap into spirituality for our personal growth, which can help us achieve peace, happiness, and success.

There are some things, though, that you need to do first, which is being open-minded, letting go of your ego and judgment, especially when reading about metaphysical subjects, following your intuition/spirit guide(s) if you have them, and finally not judging others for their beliefs because I know you’ve heard the phrase ‘to each his own.

Meditation Is Part of Spiritual Growth

The beginning of spiritual growth starts with meditation. I’ve found many ways of meditating, but finding one that suits your needs best is critical to reaping the benefits of meditation, including reduced stress, better focus and concentration, emotional well-being, improved sleep, increased memory recall, personal growth, and so much more!

It’s Time to Meditate…

If you’re into mantra meditation, then chant AUM (OM) at least 108 times a day and recite all of your affirmations out loud. This is the best way to bring about spiritual growth within yourself, so don’t be afraid to stick with it!

It’s no Secret That Reading Helps You Build Knowledge

Not everyone loves to read, but I find it’s an excellent way for me to learn about everything that interests me, whether they be metaphysical or non-metaphysical subjects.

Book Recommendation: Being Your Higher Self (from 2013)

Being your higher self is all about feeling spiritually refreshed, rejuvenated, and recharged, whether through meditation, journaling, prayer, or other spiritual activities. You are our own best guide to ourselves, no matter how lost we may seem to be today! As Wiccans/Pagans/Heathens etc., we have taken oaths upon ourselves, becoming initiated into the faiths that mean something to us on a spiritual level. We have made these oaths to ourselves and our higher selves regarding how we lead our lives today to become more spiritually evolved.

Writing in a journal is also another great way to write down your thoughts, feelings, what happened that day or week, and so forth. It’s one of the best ways to let go of anything holding you back, including lack of self-love, leading to depression. I find that writing my troubles down in a journal helps me process them, and I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore when it comes time for me to read them because they’re not in my head, taking up space and bogging me down. Journaling has helped me tremendously in my path of spiritual growth.

Watch the World Around You

When you’re out and about in public, take notice of what’s going on around you. Don’t become so wrapped up in your own life that you forget about the rest of the world, which can lead to feelings of isolation, loneliness, melancholy, and other negative emotions. So when watching the world around you, try being more observant while taking it all in. Pay attention to others if they happen to be hurting or looking distressed or even if they are happy and radiant! It will help with self-love and help you grow spiritually by letting go of your judgment towards others because, after all, we are all human, we are all connected, and in the end, we all bleed red.

Positive Affirmations Are Often Overlooked

They’re short phrases that you say to yourself daily, which can help bring about an attitude adjustment when you’re having a bad day. For example: ‘I am happy, healthy and full of energy or ‘I love myself unconditionally. You will find that eventually, by repeating them enough times like a mantra, you will believe them, feel better within yourself, and become more spiritual through self-empowerment.

Growth Mentally

By striving to be a better person and following the spiritual path, you’re already on your way towards spiritual growth mentally. Doing things like meditating, reading, writing in a journal, and making positive affirmations part of my daily life helps me grow spiritually.

Growth Emotionally

Just as important as growing spiritually mentally is growing emotionally. It’s vital for us as humans to have emotional intelligence, which includes empathy, trust, honesty, and so forth. Without our emotions, we would be nothing more than empty shells walking around with no purpose or meaning to life. Taking care of yourself emotionally while going through some turmoil can help bring about inner strength and, once again, self-empowerment, leading to spiritual growth and an even better outlook on life as a whole!

Growth Socially

Socializing is essential not only for your spiritual growth but also for your physical health. Being around others can be invigorating and help you feel good about yourself and who you are as a person. It’s healthy to socialize with family and friends, and it’s one of the best ways to stay connected spiritually with those we love dearly, whether they be blood relatives or our Wiccan community.

So now that I’ve given you some ideas on how to bring about self-empowerment, joy, happiness, and spiritual growth in your life, try them out! Be sure to leave me a comment because I’d love to know what brings you closer to being your higher self.

Take Care of Yourself Mentally & Physically

A big part of bringing about more peace within yourself starts with mental and physical care because both are equally important for feeling good, staying centered, and grounded. Doing things like meditating, exercising, eating healthy foods, journaling, or whatever you like to de-stress will help bring about peace, clarity, and spiritual growth.

You’re taking concrete steps toward a more peaceful state of mind by performing one or all of these activities, which is the beginning, middle, and end of spiritual growth!

Insight from Spirit Today

I strongly feel that when you come from a place of being your highest self, nothing else matters because there is a more profound understanding that everything works out for the greatest good, whether through prayer or meditation. Another part of living your best life possible is learning how to live gracefully with what life throws at you because it has taught me that by going with the flow, things work out better than expected rather than trying to fight fate. Sometimes this isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it when you come out of the other side feeling spiritually stronger, refreshed, and empowered.

Spiritual Growth & Higher Self

Your world will be another one if you take care of yourself intellectually, physically, and emotionally and be receptive to spiritual instruction from our higher selves about how to improve ourselves. There are many opportunities for growth once you open yourself up enough to allow it into your life; this includes your spirituality.


Starting with yourself and moving ahead in a way that brings peace, pleasure, and joy into our lives is one of the most effective things you can do to grow spiritually. Spiritual growth and being your higher self is all about moving forward positively while being your higher self, with many emotional and spiritual benefits. We must stop looking outside ourselves for answers and instead look within and listen to what our higher selves tell us if anything. If you’re having problems connecting with your higher self, consider meditating or writing in a diary; these are effective methods for connecting with your divine self. Once you make this connection, all sorts of possibilities open up for you, such as healing abilities, intuition, and even deja vu  (spiritual).

By being our higher selves, we are also our dearest friends because only we know what’s best for us. It takes time to figure out what that is, but when we do, there is no stopping the beautiful things that come into our lives! Some of these things may include happiness, joy, and even love! We all deserve these things; they make life worth living, so why not give ourselves the gift of spiritual growth today? It all starts with us.