Tarot card reading is usually perceived as reading the future of a person. Tarot card reading can only tell what might happen? It does not mean what will happen. However, it is a lot more about just prediction. The Tarot card reading layout offers a guideline, and the reader who is reading the cards can point out possible future outcomes for a person. Tarot cards are readily available in the market in a lot of versatile categories. These categories are based upon legends, movies, artworks, mythology, and artwork. For beginners, there are some separate categories as well. One may choose to select any his liking to start reading cards.

Various tarot card reading layouts and tarot card spreads have different sequencing and meaning in the end. Some of the tarot card reading layouts or tarot card spreads include; Celtic Cross Spread, Ellipse Spread, Five Card Spread, Mandala Spread, Mirror Spread, Relationship Spread, Tree of Life Spread, Spiral Tarot Spread, Gypsy Tarot Card Spread, Pyramid Tarot Card Spread, The Romany Spread, Horseshoe Tarot Spread, and many more.

There are a variety of Tarot Card Reading layouts, also called Tarot Card Spread. Trying one of these or trying all of them can determine the accuracy of the reading results. If you are interested in practicing the basics of Tarot Card reading, you must try a “3 Card Layout”. A rapid reading can give you an answer to your or your friend’s very fundamental issue. This Tarot card spread is straightforward and has only three steps.

You can do a quick reading for friends or a family member as you practice your reading skills, or you can use it for Querent, who desperately needs a short answer. The three cards represent the past, the present, and the future. The first tarot card that is pulled represents any element from the past affecting the current event in the present. The second middle card represents the nature of the question being asked or the Querent’s current position. The final 3rd card shows the likelihood of the outcome meditating on the past and the present card, thus showing the future card that fits.

Another tarot card spread is the “5 Card Tarot Spread”. It is also called Cross-Formation due to its cross structure that builds 3 cards on formation. A middle row is a 3 card spread representing past, present, and future in this spread. At the same time, one card is placed below the 3 card formation, which means the core reason for the circumstances. Another card is placed above the 3 card spread formation that shows the potential of the cases. It might not deliver the actual outcome, but it represents the brightest or the darkest possibility within the situation. 

8 Card Tarot Spread is especially for those who are inconsistent in relationships or romance. They are unsure in their decision-making, and they do not know how to choose the best action for their particular situation. The 8 card spread is a mirror-shaped formation. The first card is Querent. The second card represents seeing another person in their relationship—the 3rd card shows how they see themselves. The next card, which is the 4rth one, shows what the person represents to you. The fifth card shows what you mean to them. The 6th card represents obstacles within the relationship. The 7th card represents the strengths within the relationship, and the final 8th card shows the probable outcome of the reading.

Tarot card spreads for love can address the questions about love and romance. Here are the three most common spreads used in tarot reading for love. The first one is “3 card love spread”. It helps to learn about the state of the relationship. In this spread, the first card is the querent card, the second is for the other person, and the third is for the connection. Depending upon the type of card, this spread could reveal desires, fears, and different motivations.

Depending upon the type of card it could reveal desires, fears, and different motivations.

The second spread for love is “5 card love spread”. It is a five-card cross formation for love. The primary card shows the present state or issue between the two parties. The second card on the left shows the Querent’s point of view, and the third card on the right represents the other person’s point of view. The fourth card, which is placed below, shows the foundation of the relationship. Finally, the fifth card set above shows the outcome.

The third tarot card spread for love is called “Relationship Tarot Spread.” It is a 10 card spread formation. It begins with a row of five cards and shows the severe issues in the relationship. The first card shows the distant past that influences the present. The second card shows the recent past that affects the relationship. The third card indicates the current state of a relationship. Forth card represents the future influences, and the fifth card represents those factors influenced by an external environment like family, money, or health. This row gives an in-depth view of the relationship. The sixth card shows Querent’s beliefs about the relationship. The seventh card shows positive energy, and the eighth card shows what is against the relationship. The final ninth and tenth cards are placed above the sixth cards for hopes/fears and outcome, respectively.