The Tree in Lenormand cartomancy refers to a person’s health and well-being. Likewise, it points to a person’s growth, both personal and spiritual. When the tree card appears in a reading, it asks the querent to consider his or her health and well-being.

In the Lenormand card deck, the tree signifies health, both physical and spiritual. In the tarot card deck, it may either refer to the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life. The meaning of the card depends on which tree shows up in the reading.

Keywords associated with the Lenormand Tree Card:

Personal growth
Spiritual growth
Grounded or rooted
Karmic connection

Lenormand Tree Card Correspondences:

Card: Seven of hearts
Number: 5
Planet: Saturn
Zodiac: Capricorn
General feeling: Neutral

The tree is a symbol of health, well-being, and growth. When a seed germinates from the ground, it spreads roots toward the ground. Then it grows upward until it bears fruit.

In the Grand Tableau, the Tree is the focus card in determining the querent’s health status. If the card is closer to the querent, it means that health is a major concern.

The presence of the card also indicates a querent’s karmic connection to a certain person (e.g. a soulmate). It may also indicate a connection to a person in a past life.

The Tree can indicate that two people are soulmates destined for long-lasting love. However, if the Tree appears in the Grand Tableau between a couple, it can mean that the spark of love has disappeared. The surrounding cards will determine if the relationship issues can be repaired or not.

In career-related queries, the card indicates a need to wait for growth to occur before experiencing positive results. If the surrounding cards are negative, it may symbolize possible issues with work.

In business, the card may symbolize possible opportunities in the field of healthcare. This means that the querent should consider going into business with people in the health industry. It may also be a good time to invest in health-related opportunities.

If read as a single card, it means getting a breath of fresh air or spending time in nature. It can also mean fast recovery from health problems.

If the card is paired with positive cards, it means good health ahead. When paired with a Clover, it means recovery from sickness. When paired with a Ship, it means going on a spiritual journey for health reasons.

Happy woman with good health result. She is excited at home.

If the card is paired with negative cards, it can symbolize poor health. For example, if it appears with the Coffin, it symbolizes major illness or declining health. If it appears with the Snake, it refers to health issues in general.

The Tree card generally pertains to health. Depending on the surrounding cards in the Grand Tableau, it may either refer to good health or declining health.