How To Develop Clairvoyant Ability

The term clairvoyance literally means ‘clear-seeing’ (French- “clair”, clear + “voyance”, vision) and is commonly referred to the extrasensory ability to see, hear or gain some information about person, things, objects, past or future events, etc. that cannot otherwise be obtained through known human senses alone.

The phenomenon of clairvoyance is normally classified under the heading of paranormal psychology and as such, it is commonly regarded as a branch or another variety of pseudoscience associated with prediction of future, fate, fortune-telling, etc. Although anecdotal evidences of clairvoyant abilities found in persons are recorded throughout history and across diverse cultures, clairvoyant powers or abilities are still associated with occult practices, paranormal activities and with shamanic or religious figures.

clairvoyance often refered as a sience to predict the future

Is clairvoyance a pseudoscience?

Although the scientific communities have strong reservations about clairvoyant abilities in people, many practicing psychics inform that these abilities are actually found in many individuals. And that during their practice, they have noted these abilities to be present, in higher or lesser degrees, in many of their subjects. Further, it is strongly asserted that even if you are not a natural clairvoyant, it is still possible to develop clairvoyant energy and abilities through yoga, meditation and other related psychic development exercises.

Does anyone have the ability to become a clairvoyant?

But what exactly is clairvoyance?

According to latest mainstream literature, the phenomenon of clairvoyance includes roughly three extrasensory abilities: precognition, retrocognition and remote viewing. The first refers to a person’s facility of predicting or perceiving future events or happenings; the second the ability to see or visualize past events; and finally, remote viewing is commonly interpreted as one’s capacity to perceive contemporary events that cannot otherwise be perceived through our normal sensations or perception—almost as if these events are taking place in a parallel reality.
Additionally, clairvoyance is also associated with the ability to pick up on other people’s thoughts, emotions or feelings by simply looking at them. This sounds more like a kind of mind-reading practice and many psychics or clairvoyant empaths actually prefer to call this ability ‘clairsentience’, rather than clairvoyance (but more on this later).

Clairvoyance Ability Explanations

Although members of scientific communities tend to regard clairvoyance as pseudoscience, proponents of this phenomenon have proffered explanations as to how clairvoyant abilities work. One of these explanations is that we always perceive reality as a sort of consciousness hologram. In other words, all our experiences are actually experienced vicariously.

According to this theory, the electrochemical machine that is our brain is at all times engaged with streaming consciousness (acquired through visual and other customary sensations) for experience and interpretation of that experience. And the patterns of experience are programmed by binary code that is closely associated with one’s DNA codes. So, in fine, clairvoyant abilities actually depend on our ability to tap into those endless consciousness grids that together serve to comprise reality as we come to understand or experience it. As such, someone with developed powers to focus his mind on these different grids can experience different realities simultaneously.

Pattern of experience programmed in DNA code

Again, if we look into the numerous spiritual systems or philosophies found across diverse cultures throughout the course of human history, we find that the notion of the Third Eye is common to a majority of these systems of thought. The latter includes pagan religions, theosophy as well as more recent practices and theories related to the concepts of yoga and meditation.

Most of these systems invoke the presence of pineal gland in the brain (often referred to as the Ajna Chakra—the unknown circle or gland—in many eastern and far eastern philosophies). The secretary activity of this gland—located deep into the brain—is only vaguely and partially understood by modern science. This apparent incomprehension coupled with the gland’s location deep in the human brain have led many philosophers and occultists to believe that the pineal gland has deep connections with not only clairvoyance, but with many other psychic or so-called paranormal abilities little understood by modern science of today.

Clairvoyant How to Develop Clairvoyant Ability

As noted above, some individuals are natural or born clairvoyants. That is to say, they possess innate abilities to receive extrasensory perceptions (often visual—both through the mind’s eye and the physical eye—but also auditory perceptions, the phenomenon sometimes referred to as ‘clairaudience’).

However, one must note that there is large gap into receiving visual or auditory massages and the ability to actually interpret those messages. In fact, this lack of ability to read the messages can lead to profound anxieties and in some case, nervous breakdowns in persons who are natural clairvoyants. However, this is somewhat off our present discussion.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing—which is that even if you are not a natural clairvoyant, you can still develop clairvoyant energy, power and ability through certain practices and exercises. This ability also includes the ability to interpret the messages sent to you from the third dimension, the parallel realities, or from your unconscious (if that does not smack too much of Freudian psychology to you!).

Clairvoyant Practices

The basic thing to remember when you embark on your journey to developing clairvoyant powers is that it’s a journey towards opening your ‘third eye’. If you already have familiarity with mediation or yoga practices (meditation in particular), the beginning stages should pose no difficulties to you.

Colors, Shapes, Entities

First of all, find a quiet place without distractions (some prefer soothing music in the background, others complete silence). Free your mind and relax. This will not happen in an instant but gradually, your mind will become blank. This is when your third eye will open and at first present a COLOR to you. During your first sessions, try to go no further than the particular color you receive during your exercise. Now, try to find the meaning of that specific color. There are many good books and other resources that can help you with this sort of interpretations. So, make sure to consult them but also try to find if that particular color bears any special significance vis-a-vis your own life and your past experiences.
Most clairvoyant empath or clairsentients (those equipped with the ‘paranormal’ ability to read emotional or mental state of other individuals—remember we were talking about clairsentience?) advise that once you have started to see the colors, stick to it for some time and don’t try to push it.

Gradually, however, you will begin to see shapes and eventually entities. When we begin to see shapes (that often may not correspond to any recognizable shapes found in the physical world), make mental note of these shapes and you can also write down (i.e., try to express verbally) the nature of the shapes. Keeping record of the received images and shapes are helpful on two grounds. First, it leads to clarity as to understanding the nature of your received shapes and images. Secondly, a certain image may have for you quite a different significance in the future than it has now.

Understand the shapes you see and try to adress it. They have always a meaning

Finally, with practice and perseverance, you may reach the stage where you start to see entities (most common examples—seeing the spirits of your deceased loved ones). This is the most advanced stage in developing clairvoyant abilities but it is also the one most fraught with risks. Most people experience blockages right at this stage. Lack of understanding in regard to the messages, fear, mental illness or breakdown are some of the common symptoms. However, if you can successfully avert those risks, clairvoyant powers and energy are able to offer valuable insights into a number of things and can act as healing mechanisms for you as well as for those close to you.