Mice is a card in the tarot tableau that indicates you are on the verge of losing something. The loss could be material things, related to a partnership (business or personal), health, etc. However, if you are looking to lose weight, the Mice cartomancy card may end up doing you good. The card’s horoscope meaning is an old, long-drawn problem coming to the surface and presenting itself. If you’re under immense pressure, your Mice card reading would bring that to light. The Lenormand meaning of Mice is also pretty identical. It denotes worries. It represents frustration, sadness, and destructive behavior.

The Mice card indicates deterioration and slow decay. Though the Mice event may initially have a relatively harmless impact on your life, you would get to feel its pinch over a period. Like its namesake rodent, the Mice card poses a danger that’s not necessarily obvious. The damage usually comes to the forefront only after a significant amount of it has been done. The Mice represents things that do not let you sleep peacefully at night. Your mind is almost always inundated with thoughts. The card is not positive, irrespective of how the tarot artist drew the different cards from the deck. As an individual under the influence of the Mice, it’s important you do not get discouraged by the things happening in your life.

If you are single and the Mice is influencing proceedings in your life, it’s advised that you do not go out seeking a love interest. Even if you happen to come across a really good person, the likelihood of some other person creating unnecessary tensions between you both is high. For instance, a friend of yours may talk bad about you to the person you’re dating.

If you are already in a relationship, the Mice’s influence would mean tough times ahead. You would be in an emotionally unhealthy state. Something could be making you nervous or eating you away. There are also chances of you experiencing immense instability in your relationship or losing your partner altogether.

The mice card could indicate though times ahead

In terms of employment, you would not be getting the job promotion you were highly anticipating. If you are a small jobs handyman, your number of projects would decrease, or you may not find work at all. You may have issues on the health front too. Since the Mice denotes your nervous system, it could indicate ulcers, exhaustion, or anxiety. The card could also be symbolic of an underlying health issue that’s not detected yet.

If you’ve been troubled by the Mice, it’s important you look at the bigger picture. Relax with some meditation. If there are things that would help you be at ease with yourself, go ahead and do them. Just stop worrying since it would only make matters worse.