Crossroad or Crossroads is the 22nd card in the standard Lenormand 36-card deck.

Crossroad Keywords: Different possibilities, potentials, alternatives; plurality, diversity; tolerance, ambivalence, multiple perspectives; doubt, hesitation, overthinking, ifs and buts; considerations, deliberations; deferral, delay, procrastination; free will, asserting oneself, taking decision.

The idea of crossroads suggests choice. When you are at a crossroad, you have the choice to take one of two or more routes. However, with choice, comes hesitation, doubts or anxiety since crossroad also implies that once you take a certain path or direction, other possibilities will be closed off to you.

The crossroad card may indicate a point of decision ahead

And with doubts and deliberations, come delaying or procrastination. You keep postponing the decision in the fear that you may after all head along the wrong route. However, depending on the context of the seeker, the card may also imply the seeker’s clarity of vision, his broad outlook and his ability to recognize that there are more than one choice; or that a single phenomenon may mean different things when looked at from different perspectives.

Again, as with most tarot reading methods, the combination in which the card appears as well as the seeker’s position play the main roles in determining meaning. For instance, if you draw Crossroads as the 3rd card in the ‘Cross’ method, it will then mean the Wrong Way. In the case of the card Crossroad, it may mean that you are mistaken to believe that you are at a crossroad (that is, the choices are not as many as you appear to believe).

The crossroad card may indicate also the end of a way

On the other hand, if you draw Crossroad as the principal card (for example, the 7th card in the Lenormand cartomancy ‘Decision-Making’ tableau), this will mean that you are at a crucial juncture of your life and you must take a decision fast—no matter how difficult it may appear to you at present.

The questions to ask with a Crossroad card are: What are my options? Why am I hesitating? What choice will bring me most joy and peace of mind?

By way of example, suppose you draw Crossroad in a Career reading; and you have the choice to carry on at your present role in your profession or to accept a promotion that will come with its own benefits but will also mean more responsibilities and possibly, more stress. In such a scenario, the seeker ought to ask himself whether he is ready to assume greater responsibilities without stressing himself. If there is doubt, he should make his mind and be firm enough to turn down the offer.

Crossroads-Clover: Ability/necessity to take a decision with a light heart and without too much deliberations; dabbling in things—not being purposeful enough in one’s pursuits.

Crossroads- Clouds: Being burdened with too much uncertainty; failure to recognize the opportunities due to a clouded mind/vision, etc.