The Flowers is one of the most cheerful cards in the Tarot deck. It evokes feelings of success, contentment and happiness. If you have been having a hard time recently, the Flowers offers relief, counteracts undesirable sentiments from other cards, and allows you to realize your dreams. Frequently, it signifies that you are about to be pleasantly surprised, or that a long held desire is about to be fulfilled. It indicates overall satisfaction with your daily life, and a joy in indulging in life’s simple pleasures. Also, it is linked to innovation and authentic, soulful expression.

The Queen of Spades and the Lenormand Bouquet are associated with one another in cartomancy. The queen is normally a dark eyed, dark haired woman, with intelligence and ambition. Much of the time, she is divorced or widowed – and predisposed to interfere in the affairs of others. The Flowers can reflect appreciation and gratitude — the card acknowledges the people who support and care about us. This sentiment can originate from genuine feelings, or it might be used for common courtesy, or to compliment someone in the hope of persuading them to do something. It is the reader’s job to evaluate the nearby cards and gauge which type of Bouquet exists.

Can the Flower Card point to an upcoming divorce?

Lighthearted and joyous social banter epitomizes the meaning of the Lenormand Flowers card. This pasteboard signifies that we are going to experience some of the nicer aspects of life. Therefore, we ought to make a point of savoring them. This card suggests that this is an excellent opportunity to nurture existing friendships, form new friendships, and relish the pleasure that socializing with other people can give you.

If you are searching for a romantic partner and the Flowers card appears, you should opt for someone who has old fashioned values. Such a person is more likely to give you gifts, express their appreciation, and hold doors open for you. Occasionally, the Flowers card can indicate that a traditional type of person will enter your life. Maybe, you are isolated from the person you love and wants them back in your life. If this card is near to the Letter and Heart in a tableau reading, then a difficult situation could take a turn for the better.

With regards to careers, this card represents periods of creativity. Industries that are linked to the Lenormand bouquet pasteboard tend to be artistic. If you are curious about what your peers think of you, the Flowers signify that you are well liked, valued and admired for your ambition. For issues concerning career development, this card suggests that progress will be made in spring. Positive outcomes are even forecast when it comes to financial matters. Basically, the bouquet card predicts that anything you begin now will be successful, and that the chance of increasing your wealth is high.

The flower card can point to an upcoming creative period or career