January 3rd: Love opportunities may arise when it’s least expected. If you can look past this, February will have some fantastic surprises in store for you! But astrology suggests that there may be a few bumps in the road getting there.

3rd of January is also an important day for some people and there are a few we can mention:

  • JRR Tolkien Day
  • Women Rock! Day
  • National Write to Congress Day
  • National Thank God Its Monday Day
  • National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
  • Humiliation Day
  • International Mind-Body Wellness Day
  • Drinking Straw Day
  • Handsel Monday
  • Fruitcake Toss Day
  • Festival of Sleep Day
  • Folic Acid Awareness Week

Why not celebrate the January 3 as the Drinking Straw Day?

The Drinking Straw Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd of January. This day marks the invention of the drinking straw by Marvin Chester Stone (1844-1911). Mr Stone was working as an assistant to his father, who owned a paper manufacturing business in Springfield , Massachusetts . One day he saw someone blowing bubbles through a stalk of grass and realized that this would be much easier if there were some sort of tube involved; thus Stone’s paper drinking straws were born! He obtained a patent for his idea on July 14th 1888. He continued to develop versions of how to produce these straws economically until he died at age 67.

What Astrology Says about the 3rd of January and my Zodiac?

Aries – The January 3 will be a bit of a rollercoaster ride for you. There may be some minor setbacks and delays. It’s important to remember that anything worth having takes time and patience. 

Taurus – An old friend or colleague may reach out to you early in the month, offering something extraordinary that you can’t afford to miss! But don’t give them an answer right away. It’s not always wise to make snap decisions.  

Gemini – Don’t be afraid to get your heart broken if it means getting what you want for your future. The stars suggest that even though things may get tough at times, your hard work will bear fruits in the long run.  

Cancer – Take a good look at the people closest to you in your life because there may be something you don’t know about them that’ll change your perspective. And not necessarily for the better! Try not to pry if they don’t want to tell you.  

Leo – You’re going to have a fantastic time with friends this month during the upcoming holiday season. Remember, things can likely get out of hand quite quickly when alcohol is involved, so try your best to stick together and avoid any wild parties or over-indulgence.  

Virgo – It’s time for you to make some social changes. Whether it’s surrounding yourself with different people or avoiding specific bad influences, sometimes taking a step back is the only way forward!  

Libra – Things get a bit complicated when money is involved this January, particularly concerning investments and other financial matters. Do your research and seek advice from someone you trust before moving forward with any decisions.  

Scorpio – You may experience some tension between or among family members surrounding the holidays. Try and keep things civil and focus on putting positive energy out into the world rather than negativity.  

Sagittarius – You might be feeling a little lost in terms of direction towards the end of January. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up. Just try looking at things from a different perspective!  

Capricorn – An old flame contacts you out of the blue, sparking feelings that you thought had died long ago. It might be better to let them go for good this time before you get hurt even more than last time.  

Aquarius – You must socialize and have some fun this month, especially if over the past few weeks you’ve been feeling a little stressed or burnt out. You deserve it! 

Pisces – This is an excellent month to spend with friends and family. Your loved ones are sure to bring you lots of joy, laughter, and so much happiness! Try not to relax, even when deadlines are approaching.

What You Should Know About People Born Under Capricorn Zodiac

People born under this zodiac sign have beautiful personalities. They are popular among society because of their outstanding qualities and behavior. Their specific character traits help them achieve the desired results in almost every field they enter, such as career, love, social life, etc. People, in general, admire them for their selflessness in whatever they do. Many people don’t even believe that Capricorns can make mistakes; it is also said that this zodiac sign never gets disappointed by anybody; if it happens then, it gives an impression like everything works according to plan and nothing ever goes wrong for them. This is far from true; everyone has their problems and challenges, but the difference between others and Capricorns is that they maintain a smiling face during such times, and all their problems seem to be small and unimportant in front of them. This is why people love to be with them; they also become their source of inspiration and motivation. People rely on them for support and advice because of their fondness for helping others.

Talking about Capricorn’s personality; most people think that this zodiac sign has a significantly less emotional quotient, but it is not true; sometimes, they feel emotions more than anyone else. They hardly show such displays of emotions unless it matters by which time no one can prevent themselves from admiring such an emotional outburst from such a composed person. When they can achieve something that seems impossible, they like to take the credit for it; their arrogance and ego prevent them from accepting defeat. Sometimes they show such behaviors that may irritate others around; if Capricorn is not affected by these negative comments, then it means that they don’t care about what others think about them.

Many famous people were born under this zodiac sign, and one of them was Isaac Newton. He did numerous experiments on light, color, and gravity, making him one of the most influential scientists in history. Some more famous names of this zodiac sign belong to Prince William and Prince Harry from the UK, whose great deeds for their country have made them a name in history forever. At the same time, some celebrities include Celine Dion, Donald Sutherland, Deepika Padukone, etc.

With all their positive traits, some negative character traits of Capricorn also can’t be ignored, like they are terrible at making decisions on the go; they always need some time to think before taking any action, which causes them to remain in the same position even after many years. Sometimes they act too rigid that it becomes difficult for other people to understand their thinking process. They hardly ever apologize or accept their mistakes which makes them seem like arrogant & egoistic people, but this is not true at all; Capricorns do these things only when it matters, by which time they don’t care about what others feel about them. This zodiac sign has good knowledge of history and astrology, so they act very professionally towards their work. Sometimes they do not seem friendly, but this is also not true; most Capricorns are lovely people who like to learn about others’ opinions and thoughts.

There may be some negative traits in their character, but it does not mean that you should ignore them, try to improve yourself by copying good qualities from them while avoiding the bad ones.

If you’re looking for a fresh start in the new year and for January 3, this is your month. But watch out. It won’t be easy getting there! It might seem like nothing will work right at first, but if you can push through these early challenges and look past them, January has some fantastic surprises in store for you!