The Key is a very significant and positive card in Lenormand cartomancy. It is meant to unlock mysteries, provide answers, reveal solutions, and open new pathways in life. Its meaning is related to freedom and the power to uncover secrets.

When the Key appears in a reading, it shows what is important and what is needed. It reveals to the querent what is hidden and shows what he or she needs to pay attention to.

In the tarot card deck, keys are associated with the Hierophant. The keys symbolize access to spiritual knowledge and wisdom. If the card appears in a Lenormand reading, the focus is on what is important to the querent.

Keywords associated with the Lenormand Key Card:

New pathways

Lenormand Key Card Correspondences:

Card: Eight of diamonds
Number: 33
Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Taurus
General feeling: Positive

In the Grand Tableau, the closer the Key card is to your card, the more you are in control of your success or situation. When the card appears, it means that a physical or mental obstacle is fading. This opens up new pathways, answers, or solutions to problems you may be encountering at the moment.

In most cases, the card means liberation from restrictions. It may refer to freedom from actual or psychological confinement.

It gives you access to the necessary things you need to achieve your goals and meet your objectives. If the card appears in a negative light, it may mean that you are not focusing on what is significant in your life.

The key card may represent a door opener; whether for love, business or something else

The Key card means that you are opening up to a possible relationship. If you are looking for love, you are going to meet the one you seek. If you are in a relationship, you will make significant changes to ensure a long-lasting and happy life with your partner. You will discover and open yourself to peace and understanding with those around you.

The Key opens up job and business opportunities. If you encounter problems with your business, you will be able to solve these issues. You will also gain control over your business or career.

If you are looking forward to new investments, now is the time to do so. Short-term projects will be profitable. The key is to take the opportunity as soon as possible.

The card is an important indication that you are on your way to a complete recovery from illness. There is no need to worry about health issues. Everything will be fine.

The Key card is generally positive. It unlocks mysteries, opens new opportunities, and provides new pathways for the querent. When the card appears in a reading, it shows you what is important to take into account.