The Lenormand Mountain represent obstacles. The surrounding cards in the tableau decide what the barriers are and how one can tackle the crisis. The mountain may also mean something that is resting quietly until one acknowledges it and waits for it to pass or overcomes it. Although the card generally has a negative meaning attached to it, drawing the mountain during a reading does not necessarily equate to poor fortune; where the mountain represents obstacles and hardship, it indicates that there is something to overcome. The onus then rests on the seeker to introspect and find sources to conquer these hurdles. Further guidance can come from the cards drawn in the reading, as they provide a context for the type of hardship and how best to overcome it.

Questions to Ask When the Mountain is Drawn

When the mountain comes out during a draw from the deck in readings, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and seek solutions. One way is to ask questions related to the mountain and its representations. Practitioners of cartomancy are likely to instruct seekers to ask questions about what the obstacle is, how they feel they can tackle it, and what learning opportunity the barrier offers to them.

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In Love
The ‘lone mountain’ concept prevails here and can indicate that an individual is single. If the seeker is in a relationship, meanwhile, the tarot represents hardships and obstacles in a relationship. Seeking guidance from the surrounding cards in the tableau and reading may give context to the kind of obstruction and how best to tackle it.

The mountain is truly representative of an obstacle in its literal meaning here. This obstacle can be something blocking the completion of a task, hindering a promotion, or may indicate a position/effort toward a position that is going nowhere. The surrounding deck, as well as introspection, can offer solutions to this hindrance or delay.

For Health
The mountain associates with the head, and drawing the mountain during a reading may indicate lethargy, struggling with something in one’s mind, or blockades, especially in creative processes or intellectual efforts. The tarot reader’s expertise and analysis of the reading and the surrounding deck may help find ways to overcome or work around these hindrances.

In Time
The mountain as a representation of time is a slow card. It warns of delays, indicating that efforts will not bear fruit quickly. The delay itself can be for weeks or months, and rarely even years. Drawing this card in a reading teaches the seeker that this delay is part of the process, and not to grow frustrated, but rather to wait for it to pass, or attempt to work around it, as with all obstacles the mountain represents.